ABC’s and Alien Apps

Cost  Free
Recommended Ages 10 months to 4 years


The Attributes
It starts with upbeat music as it displays pastel colored letters of the alphabet in bubbles. Choose a letter and it says the letter and repeats it as many times the user desires. The letter is surrounded by five things that begin with the letter or in the case of Z has the letter in the word. Pick a letter and an animal or object it spells out the word and says it.

How the Children Reacted
I used this for 3 classes. One class was 10-24 months. The other two were 2 and 3 years-old. This was pleasant way to introduce letters and sounds to these children. It worked smoothly and kept the interest of both classes.







Gidget has a Glitch

Gidget Has A Glitch
Bright Bunny
Cost  $1.99
Recommended Ages 3 to 7 years


The Attributes
It is the story of a boy named Erik who makes a robot friend. He names him Gidget and they do everything together. They are having fun until Gidget gets ill. Erik finds a way to repair him and even add a heart. Each page has something to explore. The user can read it themselves or listen to another child read it to them. It is a nicely conceived story app that flowed well.

How the Children Reacted 
I used this with children aged 3 1/2, 4 and 5.  They each had a turn with interacting with the app as the story progressed.  They were very excited to have a turn, but still enjoyed watching and listening as others  had theirs.  It was really nice for my class of 14 children.  I would use it again.


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