Two’s, Three’s and Ladies

I love Mondays! I know kinda crazy, but I have two classes with two and three year-olds on Mondays.  This week we talked about the Letter L and we read books about some funny and adventurous ladies.  The children and their caregivers were ready to go from the minute they came into the room.  The time just flew by for both classes.

Welcome Songs — Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts                             
Great to be an Engine by Thomas the Tank

Songs – Happy by Pharrell Williams (We used bells and eggs.)
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear ( This is a favorite for the kids and caregivers.  They were all singing along and doing the actions.  It was grand!)

Letter of the Day was L 
I introduced the letter of the day with a lion puppet and we sang a letter L song. We watched a Rube Goldberg clip about letter L on the Sesame Street channel from youtube.

App – ABC Wildlife by Peapod Labs ABC WIldlife

We explored ladybugs, lions, leopards, and lizards.  The pictures are fabulous and the children were glued to the screen.  This is a informative app that exposes the kids to animals in their natural habitat.



Finger Plays Busy Hands and Today is

Books – 

Oh My Gosh Mrs. McNosh! by Sarah Weeks and Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

A very active little dog named George  breaks free from his leash.  He leads poor Nelly McNosh on a rhyming romp all over town.  She tries to catch him and fails, ending up with cold for her troubles. In the end George returns home to Nelly’s delight.  The children and caregivers came along willingly for this silly story.  It was a nice fit  for this age group and the theme.

oh my gosh mrs little lola
















Little Lola by Julie Saab and David Gothard

Lola the cat has plans and goals she wants to achieve.  She finds some clothes and decides to take the bus along with some children.  At school she experiences all the activities that happen the classroom.  Things get a bit out of hand when her show and tell item is a mouse.  The class gets messy as the mouse runs around, but Lola cleans it all up. The children in the classroom love her visit and hope for her return some day soon. For my class is was an light hearted introduction to things that happen at school.

Song  — Wheels on the Bus  by Charlie Hope (We used scarves.)










Book – Peanut by Linas Alsenas

A lonely vision challenged old lady mistakes an elephant for a dog.  She quickly realizes that he does not like or do things like a dog.  She loves him any way.  They settle into a happy life until a man from the circus   comes along to bring him home.  She finds another pet, a cat soon after who looks exactly like a camel.  The children liked the dynamic between the characters and the funny occurrences.

Finger Plays –  Smoke Alarm, Falling Leaves and Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Song –  Subway Song by Bari Koral

Book – Inside Every Book  by Disney 

This a was free book on the website .  It was a Disney character filled story about the finding different types of books to explore. It worked fine for the first class.  In the second class it got stuck, but nobody seemed to mind.  They liked seeing their favorites and some of the caregivers read the story along with me as it was projected on the screen.

Good-Bye Song — So Long Doggies by Sandra Boynton

We ended the classes with Disney stickers and lion stamps.


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