W and the Wonder of Winter

Cat and MouseOutsideRed Truck







Welcome Songs
Great to Be an Engine by O’Donnell & Campbell
Happy by Williams

Opening Songs
Get the Sillies Out by Yo Gabba Gabba
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear by Greg & Steve

Letter of the Day Clip


Letter W Song by  Hann with wolf puppet





Good Night ABC by Quasar Alliance, Inc

Finger Play w/ felt board (I took attendance with class and sang Yoo Hoo as I called them to bring up a bear.  We counted the bears, sorted them by color and counted backwards as I put them away.)

One Fluffy Bear
One fluffy bear went out to play, 
Into to the forest on a sunny day.
She was having so much fun.
She called decide to call another one. “Yoo-hoo”

Finger Plays
Today Is
Busy Hands

Cat and Mouse in the Snow by Bogacki

Wheels on the Bus by Hope

Outside by Gill 

Finger Plays
Winter Gear by Schroeder (sung like Head and Shoulders)
Snow pants, boots, coat and hat-gloves are last.
Snow pants, boots, coat and hat-gloves are last.
Please remember to get ready fast.
Snow pants, boots, coat and hat-gloves are last.

Sleepy Bear by S. Moore
Here is the cave. (make a circle)
Here is the bear. (curl hands like paws)
The winter comes.(hug self and shiver)
The bear doesn’t care. (shrug)
It sleeps in the cave. (pretend to sleep)
Until the winter’s through. (look back & forth)
Then it wakes up. (stretch)
And looks for some food. (rub stomach)

Subway Song by Koral(use bells and eggs)

Final Book
Red Truck by Hamilton (read book online at http://www.wegivebooks.org/books/red-truck)

Good-Bye Song
So Long Doggies by Boynton

Gave out watch stamps and stickers


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