My First Puppet Show

In the fall I decided to add puppets to my storytime. They now introduce the letter of the day. At first I was a bit stiff, but as time went on I grew to enjoy these little helpers. I was able to give them a bit of personality and the addition of these new friends has been enthusiastically received by the children.

My goal was to do a whole puppet show as part of a storytime. I found an excellent book called Practical Puppetry A-Z by Carol R. Exner. This book helped me learn how to develop skills and confidence.   Another extremely valuable resource was the YouTube channel Storytelling with Puppets created by Steven Engelfried a Youth Services Librarian in Oregon. I watched his lessons over and over. They are educational, inspirational and entertaining.

I decided on the book No Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont. I read the book into my iPhone and listened to it over and over. I practiced the show whenever I had the chance. I explored hand movements to bring the animals to life. I worked with different types of puppets finding that hand puppets that came off easily were best for this endeavor. I even turned a sheep stuffed animal into a puppet. This made the pace better, since the sheep was my main character, I had to be really comfortable with it in order to bring it to life.

In the story a sheep is constantly woken up by several farm animals. The sheep and I introduced the story together and we asked for help from the audience.   They were very happy to be included as they helped me make the animals noises. The energy level was high and we had a fun time waking the sheep. I had 38 people attend. I really enjoyed it and am looking for another book to perform in the future.

Storytime/Puppet Show

Shake it Off  by Taylor Swift – (bells and eggs)
Wheels on the Bus by Charlie Hope – (scarves)

Finger PlayBusy Hands

Book / Puppet ShowNo Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont

Song –  Subway by Bari Koral

Finger PlayHead and Shoulders Knees and Toes

Book – Bark George by Jules Peiffer

Happy  by Pharrell Williams
Let it Go  by Idina Menzel






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