Fours, Fives and Fairy Tales

For this session of many of my students were attending a class for the first time by themselves. Several knew me from attending classes from past years and others were new to the library. Most were learning how to detach from their caregivers.   It was an interesting dynamic.  I was a bit apprehensive about how it would go, but determined to make sure we all had a great time. I plan every moment of my classes, though ready to flow with the changes. I made sure that we kept moving and calmed a few nervous fears.  We all made it to the end without tears.   I was so proud of them!

Welcome SongYou’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

Song – Hokey Pokey by Dora and Diego

I introduced our letter of the day with a Turtle puppet.  We sang a letter T song.  I projected this I Spy the Letter T worksheet that I created. The class took turns finding T words. They liked coming up to the front and participating.

Letter T

Finger PlayBusy Hands

Book –  The Three Ninja Pigs by Coren Rosen Schwartz and Illustrated Dan Santat 

This twisted fairy tale about  three little pigs introduces the siblings as martial arts enthusiasts.  They each go to school and study.  The first two do not take their lessons seriously.  The third becomes an expert and saves the whole family from the wolf with her expertise.  In the end they start a school and help others to learn their skills. It was a cute story with awesome illustrations by Dan Santat. It was good for this age group.

3 ninja pigs

SongFreeze by Michael Plunkett (We used the parachute and rubber ducks )

Using the parachute was a bit of a challenge with these kiddos.  They had no idea what we were going to do. Once each child got a parachute handle and a rubber duck, we were ready.  The children threw their ducks in the middle and we followed along with Michael Plunkett’s song.  Oh my gosh was a blast we had!  They were so excited to see the ducks going all over as we went round and round with the parachute.  After the song, I took the parachute away. Every child picked up a duck from the floor. We met at the front of the room so we could use the book App. They raised their hand for a turn.  When I called on them they brought their duck up and put it in a basket.  That was how we both could tell who had a turn.

App – Country Mouse and City Mouse by McGraw-Hill

County and City MouseThis book App is the classic tale of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse.  The mice friends take turns visiting each others homes. They find they love to see each other, but are happy where they live.   The mice performed some kind of action on each page. Some of the pages were more interesting than others. The mice would roll around on one page, but then on another just the lights would blink. I probably wouldn’t use this App again. The children were more interested in having a turn with the iPad than the story. It shows that even if I practice with an App and think it will be good, the kids are the ones who really can tell if it is a success.

Songs Do The Monkey by The Wiggles (We used the bells)
 Subway Song by Bari Koral

Good-Bye Song – Happy by Pharrell Williams

During the good-bye song I handed out Frozen stickers and gave them an ink stamp of a unicorn. They turned in their name tags and were reunited with their caregivers.


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