Shutterbugs : Wiggle and Stomp App

Shutterbugs Wiggle and StompShutterbugs : Wiggle and Stomp  is an app created by the Smithsonian Science Education Center.  It is free and accessible three different ways!   Download it at the App Store, Google Play or on your computer at I would use this app with children ages one to six.

The basic concept is children are introduced to realistic cartoon animals and their movements.  The user chooses one of three cameras and pretends to take pictures of them at the zoo.  Three animals are shown in their habitat making different movements.  The children are asked which animal is doing a specific action.  If the correct  animal is chosen, it takes a picture highlighting the name of the animal and the action.  Interesting facts are then provided about the animal. If the wrong choice is made, it prompts the users to try again.  There are many animals to explore in different scenarios that will keep users coming back over and over.

I used this on the iPad with two different groups.  For the two and three-year olds, I projected it in front of the room and we made choices as a class.  For the four and five-year olds, I gave each child a chance to use the iPad to make their own choices.  The others watched on the T.V.  screen and commented on the choices made by their classmates.  It worked seamlessly in both groups.  The children liked seeing the animals and guessing about their actions.  For individual use, if there is access to a printer,  a certificate of  achievements can be printed and colored.




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