All About Family

Some say you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.  I disagree.  Many of my friends feel like family to me.  These are wonderful stories about families, love and their traditions.

Max and Ruby at the Warthogs’ Wedding by Rosemary Wells
Recommended Ages 3 to 7

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby are going to be part of the Warthog’s wedding. Max is up to his silly ways and Ruby tries to keep him inline. Grandmother comes along to help Max get ready, but he still manages to lose the wedding ring.  Now they must look all over the hotel to find the ring. Grandmother saves the day by using the GPS tracking on her Bunnyphone to help track it down.





The Great Thanksgiving Escape by Mark Fearing
Recommended Ages 4-8

The Great Thanksgiving Escape

Gavin is not thrilled to spend another Thanksgiving at Grandmother’s house.  Cousin Rhonda who has been hiding in the coats easily convinces Gavin to find some fun.  A goal is set to escape their annoying family and go outside to the swing set.  They have to dodge several obstacles such as: the hall of aunts, the great wall of butts, and the zombies. They have some close calls.  Success is achieved as they arrive at the back door!  Even though it is raining, they go out and find their fun to the shock of their many relatives.



Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg  by Debi Gliori
Recommended Ages 3 to 7

Dragon's Extraordinary Egg

A young bird named Bib asks his mother to tell him one more story before bed.  He wants to hear the one about the dragons.  His mother agrees.  She tells him about a dragon who was sad because she did not have an egg like the rest of the dragons in her group.  When the dragon goes off alone, she saves an egg from some whales who were about to take it. She brings the egg back home to the dragon village.  Once the egg hatches it looks different and acts different. It is black and fluffy and looks a lot like Bib. The mother dragon is happy with her Little One  giving it the gift of love and time. They are a happy family even when the other little dragons are not accepting.  Little One finds her own lost egg and the family grows.  Soon we find out that Little One is Bib’s mom and the dragon is Bib’s grandmother. Bib asks for the story again and this time Grandma Dragon tells it to them both.















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