The Wonderful Ones Celebrate the Letter “T”

Fall storytime began this past week. It was fabulous to see my young friends again who had grown and changed since our last sessions. Another wonderful part was meeting all the new families. This was an enthusiastic group and we got to a great start!

 Entrance Songs –
Here Comes the Sun by Lennon and McCartney
Happy by Pharrell Williams 

Do The Monkey by The Wiggles (We used bells and eggs.)
Barnyard Blues by Ralph’s World (We used eggs.)
Little Wheel by Laurie Berkner (We used scarves.)

We watched a clip from Sesame Street  announcing our letter. We sang a song that rhymes with bingo with T words.

Finger Plays –
Busy Hands and Today Is


who wants a dragonWho Wants a Dragon by James Mayhew and Illustrated by Lindsey Gardiner

This is a story about a lonely little dragon looking for someone to love him. He meets several fairytale characters such as: a knight, dragon and a witch. After being rejected by them due to fear, his mother finds him and he is happy.

This tale with big colorful characters and the cute dragon was a nice way to start our new season of storytime. The children in this class and my 2 and 3 year-old classes were delighted by story.

Wheels on the Bus by Charlie Hope (We used scarves.)

Finger Plays
Smoke Alarm and Pumpkin Pumpkin           

Subway by Bari Koral (We used bells and eggs)

Book App –
But not the Hippo

But Not the Hippo by Sandra Boynton

A lonely Hippo watches as other animals have fun visiting fairs and drinking juice. The other animals invite the Hippo to join in the fun. This is a classic board book that has come to life as an App. Each page has something to see and do which enhances the tale.


Farewell Song-

So Long Doggies by Sandra Boynton





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