Warriors Program

The Warriors books by Erin Hunter are constantly evolving keeping them must reads for many of my patrons. It is a series about clans of cats who have amazing and exciting adventures. I read several of the books and consulted the extensive website at http://www.warriorcats.com to prepare.  I found that Warriors  must be ready for all kinds of situations.
The Lost WarriorThe Program
We started with a short quiz to determine which clan the child felt they would belong to if they were Warriors.  They had fun discussing their answers and some found they could belong to more that one!  Next we played a game called Avoid the Two Legs. (which I saved from a Pubyac member from several years ago.  I don’t remember who posted it, but thanks so much the kids loved it)

Rules – Avoid the Two Legs(Humans)

First,  I got a volunteer to be the Two Legs. I used masking tape to make 2 lines  about 20 feet apart.  The other players, the Warriors then lined up evenly o on the lines.

When I said go, everyone tried to cross to the other side while the Two Legs tried to tag them. When a child was tagged, he/she became a Two legs and they had to hold hands to catch the last Warrior.

We did this a few times and could have continued because they all wanted to be it.

They took their seats and I played a power point to determine their Warrior skills.  I played 8 recorded sounds and they had to guess what they were.  We went over the answers and with pictures of the sounds.  I next tested their observation skills by asking them questions about the pictures.  They did really well!

Our final event was drawing Grey Stripe. I handed out paper and colored pencils and the kids got creative. We learned from instructions by James Barry.
Resources – Websites

James Barry – How to Draw Warriors

Official Warrior Cats Website http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html

Warrior Cat Pics Website


Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

The Lost Warrior by Erin Hunter

Warriors Field Guide Secrets of the Clan by Erin Hunter


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