The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

Adult Review

The Accidental Bride : A Big Sky Romance by Denise Hunter

Accidental BrideShay Bradenberger has a hard  life, but with God’s help she has been able to face it.  When her first love Travis McCoy leaves her on the steps of the court-house and takes off out-of-state, she marries basically the next guy she meets.  This relationship brings her a wonderful daughter, but the marriage falls apart.  She and preteen Olivia have a wonderful relationship.  Her small town neighbors are like family, but money is tight and the bank won’t extend her credit.

As a favor to Miss Lucy a women who is like a second mother, she agrees to take part in a historical marriage re-enactment.   As she goes down the aisle she is faced with Travis McCoy.  Travis was wanted to make things right with Shay almost from the moment he left.  He doesn’t come back for years thinking she is married to another man.  When he finds out she is free, he returns and agrees to be the groom for Miss Lucy.

Somehow Miss Lucy has their old marriage license  and the reverend from the re-enactment  files it.  When Josh finds out that their marriage is somehow legal, he jumps at the chance to get back together with Shay.  Shay is extremely upset and shocked about the marriage.  Travis arrives at her ranch as she injures her foot making her unable to work.  After much persuasion, he convinces her to let him stay and help her married friends.  Travis is determined to prove to his first love that he has changed and she can trust him.  Shay is worried for herself and Olivia will they be able to keep their home and not lose their hearts?

I really enjoyed this book.  The marriage being valid is not a hard sell because these characters had a past connection and it was a way to get them in the same space.  It was a light quick read that had an inspiring messages about trusting God and your heart.










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