Julie’s Journey – The Craft

IMG_1064Our craft for this month was Watercolors over Glue Art.  I found a picture on Pinterest done in this manner, stating they used glue over watercolors and added chalk. It looked very pretty and it was something I have never thought of doing.  Since it did not include exact instructions, I gathered two types of glue and chalk. I tested the method a few weeks before program day. From trial and error, I found that glue sticks were easier to use than liquid school glue. It dried quicker and looked smoother compared to liquid glue that was harder to spread.  The glue stick method made the paint easier to apply.  Another tip was  to make sure that I let the picture dry for about five minutes before adding the chalk.  Pressing down lightly with chalk worked best, if not the picture tore. Fat sidewalk chalk covered quicker and looked better than thin black board chalk.

The class liked trying out this method.  Using the watercolors on the glue got extremely messy, but was worth it!  They produced some lovely creations. I always put plastic table cloths on our work surface, provide plenty of baby wipes, and paper towels to make clean-up a bit easier.   Below are the directions.

Julie Art


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