Julie’s Journey – American Girl Book Club – Discussion/Review

Julie’s Journey by Megan McDonaldJulie's Journey

Julie Albright has a once in a lifetime event occurring during the summer of 1976. To start her adventure she travels on a plane for the first time from her home state of California to Pennsylvania. Once there, she and her sister Tracy meet up with her cousins and their parents to ride on a covered wagon across the state to visit Valley Forge. They are going to celebrate the Bicentennial along with other citizens from all over the country. Most of them are signing a pledge scroll to the Declaration of Independence. She may even get to see President Ford who will be there on July 4th to celebrate!

Julie has made several goals for herself while she is on her trip. She wants to ride a horse, sleep in a tent and learn some pioneer skills. She quickly realizes that riding a horse is not as easy as her cousin April makes it out to be. Julie starts to feel homesick for her parents and best friend Ivy as time on the trail turns out to be more of a challenge than she expected.

The girls in my class and I had a terrific discussion regarding this story.  They could relate to Julie’s concerns and fears about the things she experienced on her trip.  Most had never heard about the Bicentennial. They liked learning about it and since I was around Julie’s age when it occurred, I was able to relate some stories about the time.


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