Spring Yeah!!!

I am excited for spring to be here.  The weather in the northeast has been brutal this year.  This week we celebrated the arrival of blooming flowers, baby animals and warmer weather. 

Wonderful Ones – 10 months to 24 months

Welcome Songs
Here Comes the Sun by Rockabye Baby (written by George Harrison)
Across the Universe by Rockabye Baby (written by Lennon and McCartney)

Shaky Shaky by the Wiggles
Here Comes a Bear by the Wiggles
Little Wheel in a Turning  by Laurie Berkner

Finger Plays
Busy Hands and Today Is

Whose Chick Are You?  by Nancy Tafuri
The caregivers in this class are awesome.  They are excited to be with their children and share books and music with them.  I try to include information about authors and literacy tips in every class.  Nancy Tafuri was one of our authors today.  In her books she gives the children wonderful glimpses of the animal world.  This story is about a little chick hatching from his egg on the grass.  The animals near the chick wonder who is the little chick’s mother?   The swan arrives to tell them that the chick is her baby.  A sweet spring story for this age group.
Whose Chick Are You






App –  Peek-a- Zoo Moo by treebettydesign
The cartoon farm animals are displayed in their natural habitat.   We examined each animal and the sounds they made. The animals sometimes do funny or surprising things. This worked well and the children made noises along with the animals.
Peek-a-Zoo Moo





Wheels on the Bus by Charlie Hope (used scarves)

Finger Plays 
I’m a Little Duckling / Planting Time

Subway by Bari Koral (used eggs and bells)

Book Baby Max Sandbox by Rosemary Wells

Rosemary Wells board books are usually a good match for this age.  Max and Ruby are playing in the sandbox and make some tasty treats. This book did not work as well as other Max and Ruby books, I have used in the past. It was okay, their interest faded quickly.




Good-Bye Song
Let it Go (from Frozen) by Idina Menzel

Little Dreamers  – 2 and 3 year olds 

Welcome Songs 
Here Comes the Sun by Rockabye Baby (written by George Harrison)
Great to Be an Engine by Thomas and Friends

Happy and You Know It  by Dora and Diego
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Finger Plays 
Busy Hands and Today Is


Red Rubber Boot Day by Mary Lyn Ray

A little boy talks about how he spends his day.  The things he likes to do such as: drawing, playing with cars, and going outside while it rains.  He has his red rubber boots. They help him splash and enjoy the rain.  When the sun comes out he is happy to have it return. The children were very interested in the boy’s day and his activities.

 Peek-a-Boo Bunny by Holly Surplice

Peek-Boo BunnyA big grey bunny is playing hide and seek in the forest with his friends. They are nearby, but the bunny does not see them as they blend into their surroundings.  The poor bunny gets frustrated and a bit sad.  His friends come out and surprise him with a peek-a-boo.  All is well again.  The children listened closely to the story, but I am not sure if they understood it  or enjoyed as well as Red Rubber Boot Day.  I think Peek-A-Boo Bunny might be better one on one to fully explore the subtle concepts presented.


Wheels on the Bus by Charlie Hope (used scarves)

Except If  by Jim Averbeck

except ifA blue egg can be many things from a bird, to a snake, to lizard or even a dinosaur. The children were very attentive to the changes and wondered what would come next.  The surprise ending was met with enthusiasm.




ABC ZooBorns/ABC Go  by Peapod Labs
We talked about our letter of the day and looked at pictures of animals and vehicles that started with that letter.

Finger Plays
Planting Time / I’m a Little Duckling

SpotOn this site we read about Spot the dog and his friends while we searched for him.  We looked at colors and counted.  Brilliant for preschoolers because it is free and there are several types of fun learning activities to explore. I liked that I didn’t have to sign up or create a password!
Good-Bye Song
Let it Go (from Frozen) by Idina Menzel


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