Sharing Apps in a New Way During Storytime

Story Stars – 4 and 5 year-olds – Theme Opposites

Welcome Song – You’ve Got a Friend in Me  by Randy Newman

Song – Hokey Pokey by Dora and Diego

Finger Play – Busy Hands

Book – Hello My Name is Bob by Linas Alsenas

Bob is a bear who likes the simple things in life.  Some might even call him dull with his love for sitting and dusting plants.  His friend Jack is always ready for action.  He likes bright colors, skate boards, and roller coasters.  This book on comparing the two friends was very amusing to my class.  They found Bob’s hobbies silly and Jack’s tons of fun.  Alsenas’ tale was an apt choice for the theme with his humorous take on opposites and friendship.

Hello my name is bob









Song – Parachute Song by Michael Plunkett  (used parachute and eggs )

This event is one of my favorite parts of the class.  We throw shaker eggs into the parachute making them sail through the air.  As the parachutes goes up, down and around, yells of glee from everyone makes time go by in a flash and keeps the energy high.  I have tried other songs, but the timing and rhythm of Michael Plunkett’s tune is really quite perfect with this age.

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter









The Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter changed the way I now share apps with my classes.  It was especially fabulous with the Story Stars.  The reason being that in this class I share a full length story.  Each child gets to interact with the iPad.  Previously the rest of the class got antsy and slightly peeved when it was not their turn. The iPad screen is not that big and the others could not all see the action clearly.  Now with this adaptor plugged into the iPad on one side and into a HDMI cord on the other, the app is projected on the library’s HD TV. It does not need an internet connection or wi-fi!  With this handy adapter the whole class can see the app in a bigger and better way.  I don’t have to rush the children to get to the next turn, while holding up the iPad after each page because everyone can share the story equally.   So if you have an iPad, HD TV,  HDMI cord and the Digital AV adapter you can project your apps without wi-fi and see them on the big screen like us!  The adapter costs $39 dollars and to me, is well worth the price!  

APP – Hiding Monsters By Squeaky Frog

Cost $1.99

Hiding Monsters







Mookie a bright orange monster is the narrator of this story about monster friends. As the children are told a rhyming story, 11 monsters need to be found in their native habitat.  The Yeti, Nessie, and a Tooth Monster are some of the monsters starring in the story. The app is entertaining and works well.  The pages progress smoothly and allow easy interaction for the users.  There are several things to explore on each page.  The 12 children in class were thrilled with our new way to use the app along with this delightful story.  They each got a turn and still got to see what was happening.  

Song – The Monkey Dance by The Wiggles (used bells)

Good-Bye Song – Let it Go (from Frozen) By Idina Menzel 
Let it Go is our new ending song for this session. This song gets the girls and even the boys so pumped up!  They stop and sing along.

Lately there has been all kinds of talk about iPads and screen time with kids. As you have read here, it is a balance. We move and grove. We learn literacy, listening, socialization, and technology skills. Most of all, if you walk by the class you will see and hear us having lots of fun!  That is my mission and the mission my colleagues in the library field, to make learning and literacy important at every age. If there are new tools out there we will use them along with our favorite books! 





























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