January American Girl Book Club – Part 2 String Art Craft


 Nellie’s Promise – String Art Craft
Recommended Ages 7 to 12Vase setup

Once we finished our book discussion of Nellie’s Promise by Valerie Tripp.  We created a project connected to the book.  Nellie learned new skills in the settlement house which gave me several options.   Usually I stay away from pre-made things unless we can add something more than a little paint and glitter.   I saw these little ceramic vases in an art supply catalog and  I knew we could do something cool with them.  Since we had lots of colored string and plenty of glue in our craft closet,  I decided on string art.

Vase 1

Vase 2

The girls absolutely loved the concept.  They got into weaving the string around the vases in all sorts of ways from very tight to loose and funky.  Yes the string got tangled and the glue was messy,  but no whining or complaining, just requests for help here and there. Of course they added a few jewels as a final touch.  I think they did a really awesome job.NellieCraftJan2014


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