The Wonder of Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Recommended Ages 9 to 12 years old


I usually don’t read the “must read” books because I know that kids will read them without my recommendation. I save my time for those unknown books that need a little love and when they are good I promote them.  Wonder  was the book that would not go away.  It has been on our hold list since the day we ordered it.  I grabbed a free one at a library conference and that went to next child waiting.  I kept hearing great things and finally decided to read it.  I was placed on the long hold list and then something great happened. It arrived on audio!

Wonder is the story of August Pullman, his family and the people around him as he goes through a radical change in his life.  After years of being home schooled, his mother suggests that he try going to regular school.  Auggie is not happy about this idea because he is different.  He wishes that he was just like everyone else more than anything.  Unfortunately that is not the case since he was born with many medical problems, along with a rare condition that caused his face to be deformed.

Auggie grabs the reader the minute he starts his story. Though he has gone through many difficulties in his life with his health, he never sounds bitter.  He has great parents, Via his sister and their dog Daisy.  This close-knit family along with some other family and friends have made his life fairly happy.  When Auggie decides to attend Beecher academy, the schoolwork is the easy part, dealing with the other kids is the biggest challenge.

I  loved every minute of this book.  I couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next!  I now understand why all of these children and parents want to read it.  Some kids have had it read to them at school and now want it to read on their own.  That is how well this intense and lovely story was written. It is filled with situations, popular music and movie references that reader relates to immediately.   Palacio has crafted a book that will stay with me for a lifetime. There are several award-winning and must “read books” that are so depressing and violent for children.  Wonder is funny, touching, and full of lovely surprises about a boy who just wants to be a boy.  Listen to it, read it, share it, buy it, put your name on the hold list.  I am so glad I found out the wonder of Wonder !


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