Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers and Staying Safe

 It is never too early to teach children about safety. Furthermore, they should know a little about the brave, kind people who dedicate their lives to others. Picture books are wonderful tools to introduce these elements to children on their level while keeping things fun and interesting.

Fire Drill by Paul DuBois Jacobs & Jennifer Swender
Illustrated by Huy Voun Lee
Recommended Ages 2 to 7

Fire DrillA group of children are at school.  They are doing every day things such as: playing, singing, and reading when the fire alarm sounds.  This book tells children what to expect and how to act when there is a fire drill. The teachers give them instructions and the children follow them.

The illustrations are simple, direct  and use bold colors.  The children and teachers are multi-cultured and have happy smiling faces.  The reader learns that a fire drill is something that may happen as part of their day at school.

Fire Engine Man
by Andrea Zimmerman & David Clemesha
Recommended Ages 2 to 5

fire engine manA little boy explains things a fireman does at the station and the uniform he wears to fight fires. He imagines that he is one of them and someday he hopes his little brother will do the same. A perfect little book for fire fighter fans with a bit of information on how real firefighters do their jobs.


Police Officers on Patrol by Kersten Hamilton  Pictures by R.W. Alley
Recommended Ages 2-6

officers on patrolFour police officers are on their way to work dressed like every day people.  When they put their uniforms on, things change because they have important  jobs to do.  The chief gets the emergency calls.  He contacts his officers.  Each officer arrives in a different way and gets the job done. My favorite is when the lost child is reunited with their mother. 

Finger Plays

Finger Plays are fun movements we make that go along with the little poem we are singing.  I found the following from the Pack of Fun magazine. I changed them a little to suit our themes.

Loud noises and alarms can be scary to children.  This finger play explains about them and fire safety.

Smoke Alarm Song
(Sung to Frere Jacques)

Smoke alarm says beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
Smoke alarm says beep, beep, beep.
When there’s smoke inside a room.

If there’s smoke, get down and crawl, down and crawl, down and crawl.
If there’s smoke, get down and crawl, there’s fresh air near the floor.

Get out quick and dial 911, 911, 911.
Get out quick and dial 911.
For help to come to your door.

How to wash our hands properly is something we all need to know.  Cold season is coming up quickly and this is an easy reminder.

Hand Wash Song
(Sung to Row, Row, Row, Your Boat)

Wash, wash, wash, your hands.
Wash your hands so clean.
Wash them up and wash them down.
And even in-between.



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