Brilliant Apps for Work and Home

As a librarian and lover of technology, I do my best to keep up with what is new and useful in the world of Apps. Here are some I have found that help save money and time, along with others that are educational and fun. In the near future I will talk about my favorite children’s Apps.

Apps Gone Free

Apps gone Free – $Free


Where to find – iTunes

Devices – Apple

Currently, this is my favorite App for obvious reasons. I click on it daily and it gives a new list of free Apps.  They send me right to each App site where I read the reviews and details. It offers a variety of Apps to try such as: money-saving, games, shopping and kids books. Most offers are only free for that day.

GoodRxGoodRx – $Free


Where to find –

Devices – Apple and Android

With all the uncertainty in the area of health care we all need to shop carefully.  This App helps me find the lowest prices at local and online pharmacies. After the medication and area is entered, it tells the listed prices for local stores and pharmacies. It gives the user a way to compare prices and find the best deals.

Lose It!Lose It! – $Free

By Fit Now

Where to find – iTunes, Amazon Store or Google Play

Devices – Apple and Android

I am not a joiner.  I wanted to lose weight, but did not have time to talk it out or pay for advice.  The concept is to log in everything that you eat.  It takes less time than you think because they make it quick by counting the calories for me.  There are challenges and groups to join which are very supportive.  The people who comment are very positive and give advice if I ask.  I find it a helpful tool to use for healthier living and weight loss.

RunKeeperRunKeeper –  $Free

By FitnessKeeper, Inc.

Where to Find – iTunes and Google Play

Devices – Apple and Android

Last year my husband bought me a bike.  We started riding on the weekends.  He goes farther and faster, so we guessed on my progress. Now with Runkeeper, I set it to bike ride and it tells me how far, fast, and the calories I have burned.  It makes me feel I have accomplished a little something.  I use it when I walk the dog too.

Camera+Carmera + – $1.99

By tap tap tap

Where to find – iTunes

Devices – Apple

Our digital camera sits in my drawer because my iPhone camera is better.  I use it when I create art projects for my library classes to document the process. I take photos of our dog and family moments.  Camera + takes things to the next step.  It makes sure I take a level, centered picture.  After the shot, I can go back and fix lighting issues or add silly effects.

DuolingoDuolingo – $Free

By Duolingo

Where to find –  iTunes and Google Play

Devices – Apple and Android

This  is a free way to learn a language. Right now I am learning Spanish and having fun.  It is done in small increments and after I pass, I go to the next level. When I don’t feel confident, I can repeat the level until I do. When I had few minutes to burn I found myself playing Angry Birds way too much, so I use Duolingo instead!

Pinterest, Kindle, QR Reader and Kitchen Sync are a few others I use.  What are some of your favorites?


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