Getting Ready for Fall

Children’s Reviews

Fall is here and I am so excited.  Here are some books and an App that I think are great for celebrating this time of year.

Crankenstein by Samantha Berger Illustrated by Dan Santat

Recommended Ages 3 to 7


I am a huge fan of Dan Santat who illustrated this book.  His illustrations make me want to read his books.  This one crafted by Samantha Berger is already checked out of the library and had a hold! Crankenstein looks quite similar to another well-known monster with a similar name. He is green with blood-shot eyes and jet black hair.  Though he has scowl on his face, he looks quite comical. The book Crankenstein is about a child who is having a really bad day.   Crankenstein is in a monster of a mood and for every question he is asked, his answer is “MEHHRRRR!!” It starts from the minute he gets up and continues on through the school day. When he meets another Crankenstein, he has a surprising reaction which ends the tale on a fitting note. Kids will have fun looking at his silly facial expressions. In addition they will agree with the many of the reasons for his crankiness.  A book that will be read over and over and change your mood from cranky to happy before you can say “MEHHRRRR!!”

The Very Itchy Bear  by Nick Bland


Recommended Ages 3 to 8

I used this App last week with my 4 and 5 year-old class.  It was a hit.  The children liked the story and enjoyed interacting with the characters and their surroundings. This is a 15 page story App about a bear and a flea.  As the App turns on the user is presented with 6 options called:  Read to Me, Read Myself, Guide, Index, Boat Builder and About. Going to the Guide will explain how to use the App.  There are 3 ways to read the book.  The book can be read out loud by the narrator, the reader can read the book or the reader can read and record themselves reading the book.

 A bear is reading a book, when he starts to get itchy.  On each page the user can learn about the characters and items around them which move or make a silly sound.  A bear paw is in the upper left corner to return to the options. There is a little game within the story where the reader needs to find 5 flowers.  When they do, they can build a ship. This App worked nicely with my group of 12  children.  It would also be fun one on one. Either way this is an entertaining App that uses rhymes and comical sounds to tell a cute tale.

how bigHow Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?  by Wendell Minor 

Recommended Ages 3 to 6  

 Now is the time to find the perfect pumpkin. In this book Minor looks at pumpkins in his own unique and amusing way.  Pumpkins of course are famous for being made into pies or jack-o-lanterns, but what if they could do more.  If the reader was given giant seeds by Paul Bunyan, just imagine what they could do. Traveling all over America these pumpkins enhance several famous landmarks such as: Mount Rushmore,  the Brooklyn Bridge and even the Grand Canyon.  He doesn’t just use the word big, he the uses the words gigantic and enormous to expose the reader to new vocabulary and synonyms while showing them the meaning though his pictures.   His books Pumpkin Heads and My Farm Friends  work well for the fall storytelling too.

 Here are a few more that have been loved by my groups!

BearRed Leaf Animals in Fall


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