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Charlie the Ranch Dog

The new readers section is one of the busiest and messiest areas in our library.  Really this is a whole new world for youngsters who still love  picture books, but want to learn to read on their own.  The ages vary from preschoolers who are  3 to 5 years-old to kindergarteners and first graders who are 5 to 7 years-old.  There are non-fiction sight word books and treasure troves of short stories about their favorite characters like : Barbie, Elmo, Thomas the Train, Elephant and Piggie and Scooby Doo.  Here are some new books we just added that I enjoyed and I think your new readers will too!

Happy Cat

Happy Cat by Steve Henry

Recommended Ages 3 to 6

A smiling yellow cat comes in from the cold to a house filled with animal friends. Starting with a mouse, he goes up the stairs finds each doing something interesting and artistic.  They give him gifts, which he takes with him from room to room.  He ends up in the attic with a book to read and a place to enjoy his gifts.  This is a fun first reader with bright colors and happy smiling characters. The illustrations are very detailed, but not cluttered. In each room of the house there is something to explore. The word repetition along with the matching pictures describing the action makes this a winner.


Digger the Dinosaur by Rebecca

Kai Dotlich and illustrated by Gynux

Recommended Ages 4 to 7

Cleaning your room is not always fun. Digger the dinosaur learns with help it can be and he still has time for ball.  His Momasaur tells him before he can play with Stego, he has to pick-up.  Stego helps him and things get confusing when in his rush Digger doesn’t listen.  Things turn out okay even when they mistake putting away the cats for putting away the hats. The cats are soon free and Momasaur is proud of the good job done by the friends.  The dinosaurs are colorful and child-like.  The text is silly, full of rhymes and the situation relatable.

Charlie the Ranch Dog :  Where’s the Bacon? by Amanda Glickman and Rick Whipple based on books by Ree Drumond and Diane de Groat Recommended Ages 5 to 7

There is a new dog on the ranch called Rowdy and Charlie is not happy.  Rowdy takes his food, his water, his bed and even a belly from his Mama.  Charlie shows Rowdy who is boss by sending Rowdy outside to the dog house.  After a while, Charlie begins to feel bad for the pup.  They share a soup bone and become friends.  This situation is one every child can understand.  It is hard when someone new comes along and seems to want to take their place.  When in fact, the new comer is looking for a friend.  This story is a bit more of a challenge. It uses longer sentences with more information on each page.  With help and patience a child who reads this book will feel very accomplished. They will like the realistic sweet pictures of the dogs and life on a ranch.


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