The Sasquatch Escape: The Imaginary Veterinary Book 1

The Sasquatch Escape:  The Imaginary Veterinary Book 1

By Suzanne Selfors and Illustrated by Dan Santat

Recommend Ages 6 to 10

The Sasquatch Escape-  The Imaginary Veterinary Book 1Ben Silverstein is very unhappy when he arrives in the run down town of Buttonville to stay with his grandfather for the summer.  He is used to the upscale life in California.  The only other kid he meets is a girl named Pearl Petal that Grandpa Abe says is trouble.  Buttonville’s claim to fame is a long closed button factory. The town is filled with seniors like his Grandpa Abe who love to spend time at the senior center especially on pudding day.

When Ben rescues a baby dragon from Grandpa’s cat, he and Pearl decide to take it to the mysterious worm doctor.  Dr. Woo has moved into the old button factory. Her assistant Mr. Tabby lets them come in when he sees the dragon.  Ben is assigned to make sure the door is closed.  When he cannot shut it, an alarm blares as a Sasquatch escapes.  Ben and Pearl soon find out that this a hospital for imaginary animals.  They are given a Sasquatch catching kit in order to keep it and all the other unknown creatures at the hospital safe.  For Ben and Pearl this assignment is the adventure they never expected. They discover exciting secrets and experience strange happening as they try to catch the Sasquatch before the sleepy town discovers what is really happening.

This is a first book in a series that kids will not want to miss!  Selfors has a winning way with expressing how kids feel and telling a compelling tale.  Santat’s illustrations meld perfectly with the text.  The map of the town in the beginning lets the kids go along for the ride along with the cool pictures of the creatures which sets a scene for non-stop action.  This would be a perfect read aloud to a class, before bed or on a family vacation.


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