New Apps for Storytime

In between storytime sessions I look for new ideas to share with my classes. In the past it was the right music, stories and finger plays to fit my themes. Now Apps are now a part of every storytime and there are several ones out there.  Finding good Apps are now an important element too! Here are some that I plan to add. Pat the Bunny

Pat the Bunny  based on the book by Dorothy Kunhardt

Recommended Ages:  8 months to 2 years with help  or 3 to 5 years on their own

The board book Pat the Bunny about the antics of a lovable bunny comes alive in this App from Random House for $2.99.  The story starts and as a line is read, it asks the child to interact with the action. There is something to do on every page with a touch to the screen. They can make music, play peek a boo, hide and seek and even look at themselves in the mirror.  Every action is positively reinforced.  For the painting section the child  is presented pictures from the story.  Rubbing a finger on the screen colors the picture adding in a snow globe effect.  Children can go back to favorites in the reading and painting sections again and again. Before using the adult can choose the desired settings. There are  3 choices to make: music on or off , narrator on or off, and/or record your own voice. Next the user picks from the 2 ways to read the book or the painting option. This would be wonderful first App to share with  young children exploring iPad Apps.


The Chicken and the Egg by Allen Plenderleith

Recommended Ages: 3 to 7


This is a charming tale of a little chicken named Flo who could not lay an egg. She tried everything, but it did not work.  One stormy night the other chickens went into the coop.  They did not leave any room for Flo. When she awoke from the storm there was an egg by her side.  This egg is different from the rest.  He ends up being very special.

This is a very interactive story.  It has narration, music and the characters make their own unique and amusing sounds. There is  something new to try on every page. The reader can stay on a page for as long as they  want and make the scene come alive over and over.   I can’t wait to share it with my four and five-year olds because there is plenty to do on each page even though it is a short story. This is a fabulous free story App as I write this, so grab it while you can! 

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Recommended Ages: 2 to 6

Here is a short tale of a letter requesting a pet that gets out of hand in a funny way.  Again based on a board book,  the App takes things to the next level of reader participation!   At $4.99 it is more expensive, but children are able to go up  levels as they learn the sound and sights of the words that match the pictures. The book is a nice fit for early readers because it uses repetition along with funny animal pictures and child friendly music. The user will find directions on the home page which explains the basics of the 3 options for operating the App.  This is very handy because it is easy to understand and saves time and frustration.  One option is to read the book at your own pace.  The users  explore 7 animals that come out of a crate and makes an appropriate noise and movement.  Another choice is to let the App read the book out loud highlighting the text and then the box shakes urging the reader to find out who is in the crate.  The animal makes a noise and an action as it grows bigger. Lastly they can play a matching game 2 ways.  The first way is matching the pictures and the second matches the pictures with the actions. 

Dear Zoo big

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