Starting Now by Debbie Macomber

Adult Review

Starting Now by Debbie MacomberStarting now

Since the death of her mother when she was a teen, Libby Morgan has strived to be the best at everything. Now she is a thirty something workaholic lawyer who has sacrificed her marriage and life for her firm.  Hershel  her boss and mentor is very sad to let her go from the firm, but they are cutting costs.  He admires her work, but thinks this is her chance to find some happiness outside of her work as a lawyer.  Lizzie is furious and feels betrayed for all of the years she has dedicated to the firm. She cannot believe that Hershel thinks this could be a positive change.

As the months pass with no new job, Libby connects with her college friend Robin. One day after lunch, she and Robin go to yarn shop called a Good Yarn.  Libby meets the owner Lydia and they become fast friends.  Libby stopped knitting after her mom died, but with Lydia’s encouragement she starts to enjoy it again.  Lydia’s teen daughter Casey and her friend Ava are often at the shop.  Ava’s mother has recently passed away so she and Libby form a bond.

The shop donates preemie hats to the local hospital. Libby starts to make them to help too.   When she volunteers to bring the hats to the hospital with Ava and Casey, she recognizes a doctor who works out at her gym.  His name is Phillip Stone.  He is friendly to the girls, but not to Libby.  When Libby is asked to volunteer rocking infants at the hospital’s nursery, she decides to do it.  She is still looking for work, but until she does this becomes a wonderful way to spend her time. Phillip mistakenly accuses her of being a bad mother because one of the girls is pregnant and she obviously is not aware.

Things become complicated as Ava is found to be the girl who is pregnant.  Libby, Lydia, and Casey try to help Ava. Her grandmother who is still grieving over Ava’s mom is no help.  Libby’s friendships deepen with Ava and the others. Next surprisingly she and Phillip begin to date.  Instead of waiting to go back to her old firm, she decides to start again with her own practice.  Hershel and the firm see her success and offer her a promotion.  Libby has to decide what her life is worth.  Can she sacrifice everything again and still keep what she has built with her friends and Phillip?

I am always on the waitlist at the library when a Debbie Macomber book is due out. Many times I can’t wait and buy them.   Her characters are drawn so completely with human frailties and lives that are relatable. Libby and her friends are people who care about each other. They try their best to get through life with hope and kindness.  Macomber’s books have romance, but she doesn’t need graphic sex to show how intensely the characters are feeling about each other.  She makes relationships the core of her books. She seamlessly draws the reader into their lives.  This was a beautiful story that I really enjoyed.


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