Storytime – Sharing and Mo Willems

Children’s Reviews

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

 by Mo Willems
Recommended Ages 3-8

If you want a guaranteed fun storytime read a book by Mo Willems.  These books are laugh out loud funny for everyone.  His characters Pigeon, Gerald the elephant and Piggy are extremely popular with the kids at our library.   Today our theme was sharing.  We read Should I Share My Ice Cream?.  Most of the kids were very excited and several said, “I know them!” The scenario of Gerald getting an ice cream is turned into a moral dilemma about sharing.  Willems looks at things that are important to children and allows them to explore conflicting feelings. The kids were captivated by this story. Getting an ice cream is important to them and to Gerald.  He must decide what is right and in the end makes a good decision. By using brief text and pictures on every page this series is perfect for a small group and/ or beginning readers. I used this book for my four and five-year old class. Mo’s website and blog  are at

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App by Mo Willems
 Recommended Ages 3-8

The App we used was also by Mo Willems. Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App has four main elements.  One element explores artistic expression through drawing and three promote reading and literacy.  If they pick the egg a preloaded story is read out loud.  Choosing the chick creates a new story. By answering six different questions presented on the screen, it allows many different stories to be told.  Lastly, if the Pigeon is chosen, he asks seven questions. The children answer out loud into a microphone and they are incorporated into the story and then told. The fourth part allows the child to learn to draw the Pigeon in nine easy steps.

We choose the chick for our class and it was a big hit.  Our choices were made by the class members and the Pigeon told the story using those choices.  For each outlandish request by the Pigeon, the answers and laughter from the children got louder and louder. In order to allow the whole class to use the Ipad, we used the drawing section too. This was fun for the kids, though they liked the reading part better.  This App was enjoyed by my group of four and five-year olds.  They wanted to do it again and again, but unfortunately it is a 35 minute class! Pigeon is celebrating his tenth birthday. Here is a link to the Pigeon’s webpage

We used two other books I like for the sharing theme.   The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner  tells the story of a smart kind bear who shares a delicious piece of fruit with two smaller animals.  By sharing, he makes two new friends. The other book was Chloe by Peter McCarty.  Chloe is a rabbit with a big family.  When the family gets a new television, Chloe feels family fun time is ruined.  Instead she makes her own television show and all of her nine siblings join in to the surprise of her parents.  Both of these books were used in my two and three-year old storytime.


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