Dogs and Cats

Children’s Reviews

Dog in Charge by K.L. Going Illustrated by Dan Santat

Recommended Ages 3-7

Dog in Charge

This is the story about a happy bulldog who loves doing tricks for treats.  When the family leaves him in charge of the home along with the five cats, he thinks he has things well in hand.  The cats have other ideas, getting into all kinds of mischief. This worries and upsets the dog.  He knows he will not get more treats if things are a big mess.  He tries to give them treats to get them to behave, but ends up eating them himself.  When the dog falls asleep from exhaustion and too many cat treats, the cats feel badly and clean up their messes.  The family comes home and everyone is happy.  The expressions on the animals’ faces were priceless and the bulldog in a tutu was quite a sight!

 I read this in storytime last week. It was well received by the 4 and 5 year-olds who were very invested in the tale. The children wanted to examine every page as the cats got into and then out of trouble.  They loved when the cats cleaned up and one had underwear on his head.  All were happy when the dog got his reward from his family.

That Pup 

by Lindsay Barrett George.

Recommended Ages 1-4

Big pictures and bright colors with a few words on each page introduce a sweet puppy.  She is having a fun time digging up acorns  all over the yard.  A squirrel is watching and he is very sad.  The puppy has found all of his acorns for the winter.  When he tells the puppy his problem, the two decide to play a new game as they put the acorns back one by one together. With her big black eyes and spunky charm the puppy jumps off the pages.  Her antics are presented with colorful and detailed care.  Though it is a lovely story to me, it did not keep the interest of my two and three-year old class.  After the first few acorns, they were done paying attention.  I suggest caregivers share one on one with young dog lovers.

That Pup

How to be a good cat

How to be a Good Cat

by Gail Page

Recommended Ages 1-6

Bobo the dog volunteers to care for the neighbor’s kitten Bonkers. He uses dog logic to keep the busy kitten out of trouble. When this does not work, he gets advice from an expert, the family cat.  After the humorous lessons Bobo and Bonkers are exhausted and take a much-needed cat nap together.

 I used this book for my 2 and 3 year -olds.  It was fun because the children learned along with Bobo how to act like a cat and did the motions along with him. The class enjoyed the funny pictures of Bobo and Bonkers along with their silly lessons.  A keeper for storytimes about cats and dogs!

One Two That’s My Shoe!

by Alison Murray

Recommended Ages 1-4

One Two That's My Shoe

This cute counting book was great for the one year-old class. It has simple rhymes and big numbers about a mischievous puppy. Done in blues, blacks, reds and greens, each page has something to count that melds into the story.  It was detailed, but short enough to keep the children invested in the outcome.

Scruffy Kitty

Scruffy Kitty App by Winged Art

Recommended Ages 2-7

Scruffy Kitty  is book and game App that I incorporated recently into my 4 and 5 year-old storytime. It uses repetition and rhyming  to teach reading.  The pages turn like a regular book and as you read an object flashes. When you touch it, it moves and makes a sound.  If you want to play it again, you have to turn back the page.  It took a bit to get used to how it worked.

The kids loved Scruffy Kitty.  They were enthralled by his capers.  He has a funny meow that expresses his feelings clearly.  He transforms from a Scruffy Kitty on the street to a Fluffy Kitty with a home, either way he is quite lovable. This App is available in five languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Japanese. There are 12 stickers from the pictures in the story. They can be made into a scene which you can save or print.

Scruffy Kitty PIC


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