Storytime Ups and Downs

Children’s Reviews

How Big is  A Pig by Claire Beaton

Recommended Ages 1 to 5

How Big is a Pig Movement is the key for storytime programs. I use 4 to 5 different songs for each class along with finger plays.  These kids don’t want to sit still and if they do it better be for a compelling reason.  The following are some of the books and Apps I used for my Ups and Downs storytimes.  For the Wonderful Ones class I picked How Big is a Pig by Clare Beaton.  It is a participatory book with animals sounds, rhyming and big pictures presented with flannel type illustrations. This gave the children the opportunity to make animals sounds as the little pig looks for the right animal while meeting up with others in the barnyard.  In the end the baby pig finds the perfect match is his mother pig. 

Bunny Fun Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes by Auryn Inc.

Bunny Fun Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Auryn Incorporated

Recommended Ages 1 to 4

Finding an App that can be used for a large group has been a challenge for me. I use Max and Ruby books by Rosemary Wells often. The App Bunny Fun Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes ,  fit my theme and my audiences.  The bunny hops on the scene taking up the whole screen for perfect viewing as children sing the Head and Shoulders song. They sing it in four languages English, French, Japanese and Spanish. Each bunny dresses in traditional clothes with a musical background and scene that fits the country. This past week we did English and Spanish in two classes the Wonderful Ones and the Little Dreamers which are 2 and 3-year-olds. On the projector behind me, I posted the words in English and Spanish. The App had four benefits: body part recognition, learning a new song and an introduction to Spanish words and music. The kids loved it and the parents were up for the challenge. At $1.99 this App is well worth the price for all the benefits it provided for the classes. 

Boot and Shoe by Marla Frazee

Recommended Ages 3-6

Boot and Shoe

 Boot and Shoe are dogs from the same litter who live together, eat together and pee together.  The only difference is that Boot spends the day on the back porch, while Shoe spends the day on the front porch. A pesky squirrel comes around and messes up their happy life by teasing the dogs and making them confused and exhausted in the process.  The rain comes making things worse.  Boot goes to look  for Shoe, as Shoes goes to look for Boot therefore they keep missing each other.  After a long, lonely, hungry and tiring night, nature calls and the two are reunited at their favorite tree.   I used this book for my 3 1/2, 4 and 5-year-old class.  They loved it, especially the part about where they met at the tree to do their business together. The illustrations are simple and the expressions on the dogs and squirrel are great!  

For my Ups and Down theme I also used Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks
Red Light, Green Light by Anastastia Suen and the free book App Oobie’s Space Adventure by VHS Design Free

Polar Opposites

Red Light, Green Light Oobie's Space Adventure


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