Animals Welcome by Peg Kehret

Children’s Review

Animals Welcome by Peg Kehret
Recommended Ages 7-10

Animals WelcomeOne of the best parts of being a children’s librarian is reading reviews and picking books for young readers.  As I read the reviews I hope that the actual book will be enjoyed by the children.  Autobiographies and biographies are often assigned reading at school.  Children come in looking for things about sports and animals.

Peg Kehret is one of my favorite authors.  Her books are written for children, but I have loved everyone that I have read.  She writes exciting stories about children who are facing challenges from weather, to kidnapping to ghosts!  They often include animal friends who contribute to the action of the story.

Children love to read about animals.  When I saw that Kehret had written a book about her life with animals, I knew I wanted to read it.  I felt our patrons would too because biographies can sometimes be dry and good ones are hard to find.

She lives in a cabin in Washington state.  There she has had the opportunity to see many beautiful wild animals up close.  She and her husband even turned their property into a wild life sanctuary.  She has fostered cats and owned several along with dogs.  The animals all have a special place in her heart and life.  It is apparent that she has loved every moment they have spent together.  Animals Welcome is broken up into short chapters about real animals that Peg Kehret has met.  There is just enough detail in each story to enthrall the reader, but not overwhelm them.  The animals have been very lucky to spend time with the Kehrets and the readers of the book will feel the same way. 


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