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MiracleChildren’s Review

The Kindergators: Miracle Melts Down by Rosemary Wells

Recommended Ages 3-6

One of the challenges of going to school for a child is learning how to deal with new situations. There are things to experience and rules to follow.  The Kindergators is a new series from Rosemary Wells about a Kindergarten class of alligators   Miracle decides to break the healthy snack rule and has trouble dealing with the aftermath of the sugar crazies.  The class and teacher Miss Harmony thinks she is having a bad day.  They cheer her up with singing; dancing and showing her how to count to ten which helps her conquer her outbursts.

The story is told by Harry her classmate who is explaining to his parents what happened at school that day.  This method makes the story totally relatable to the listener.  The versatile Wells has crafted a tale which turns into a subtle learning tool. Youngsters who may feel overwhelmed with a situation like Miracles learn how to turn it around. Miracle Melts Down  will be a wonderful addition to any home or library.  For fun activities and more information on the series go to

Big Mike

Big Mean Mike by Michelle Knudsen and Illustrated by Scott Magoon

Recommended Ages 3-7

Big Mean Mike is a big bulldog who drives a loud purple car with flames on the side. He wears tough clothes which include a long spiked collar and boots.  One day after shopping, he finds a tiny bunny in the trunk of the car. He quickly takes the bunny out of his trunk and leaves. He doesn’t think big mean dogs and cute fuzzy bunnies go together.

For the next few days more bunnies appear in his car and he tells them to go.  On the day of the truck show, he checks his car thinking they are gone, until he drops his keys under the seat.   Now there are 4 bunnies and he yells at them to leave.  They won’t leave. He starts to feel bad leaving them alone in his car with the other mean dogs around.  Soon Mike and the bunnies become friends. Mike realizes he doesn’t care what the mean dogs think or say to them.  He stands up to them.  He and the bunnies are happy traveling in his car and doing things together.


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