January Story Time – Bears

Children’s Review
Books about Bears

Dr. Maisy

Storytime sessions have started up for the new year. When I pick books for storytime, I look at several books for each theme.  They must keep the attention of age of the group, have a nice rhythm and interesting colorful illustrations.  Today’s theme was bears, since teddy bears are very important to preschoolers. Here are some of the books I read today.

For the two-year olds we read Doctor Maisy by Lucy Cousins.  Maisy is taking care of her bear Panda who is sick with the help of her nurse Tallulah.  By pretending she is a doctor, she shows the children how she takes Panda’s temperature. Tallulah listens to  Maisy’s heartbeat and when Maisy hurts her nose, Nurse Tallulah helps Maisy get better by bandaging it.  This books helps children learn through pretending what happens at a doctor visit.   

no bed without tedThe one-year old and two-year old classes enjoyed  No Bed without Ted by Nicola Smee.  A little girl is looking for her favorite teddy bear Ted.  In this lift the flap book, the audience and the little girl travel all over the house looking in cabinets, under blankets and even behind grandpa for Ted.  Finally the mom steps in and lets the little girl know that Ted was just drying on the line.  Ted is now ready for bed and so is the little girl! 

Bear and Sweater

Stories for three and half, four and five-year olds can be longer. We talk more about the details of what  is taking place.  Little Bear’s Big Sweater is the tale of two brothers who both love the same sweater. This book by David Bedford shows how having a brother is great, but sharing something you love is hard even if you have grown out of it. The two brothers are having fun together when the little brother gets the sweater muddy and wet.  The brothers fight and soon make up after they spend some time on their own. This scenario was a chance to talk about how the children thought the bears were feeling.  The big brother felt sad when he realized he hurt his little brother by yelling at him.  The class  was very interested in the two bears and happy when the mother bear gave both bears a wonderful surprise in the end. 


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