Going Dutch by Katie Fforde

Adult Review

going dutch

Going Dutch by Katie Fforde

Instead of staying at the family home when her husband cheats, Jo Edwards decides to go live on a friend’s barge in London. She invites Dora her daughter’s best friend to join her. Dora needs to get away from the uproar her decision not to marry has caused with her mother and in her village.

Things start out well as they make friends with the shipyard community.  Jo decides to refurbish antiques and Dora gets a job working in the boatyard office.  They make a good friend in Tom who loves traveling and boats. He challenges Dora and they have fun together.  Meanwhile Jo’s plans are upset when barge owner Michael announces that the boat must be taken to dry dock for repairs in Holland in the next few weeks.  Enter Marcus an old friend of Jo’s who is hired to captain the boat.   Marcus is involved with a much younger girl Carole.  Jo does not want to deal with Marcus, but she and Dora have to decide if they should go to Holland or find another place to live.  Marcus and Tom want them to go. The ladies are not sure they can handle more change!

British author Katie Fforde has become a new favorite for me.  She reminds me of Sophie Kinsella.  Her books are light and romantic. Her characters are quirky and seem to overcome obstacles in a charming way. In this book an intriguing adventure ensues as Jo and Marcus examine some unfinished business between them just as Jo’s ex-husband decides he wants her back.  Dora and Tom become great friends, but is Dora ready for anything else?


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