Yeah New Picture Books at Our Library!!!

Children’s Reviews

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills
Recommended Ages 4 to 8 years
There are some books you can’t wait to share and Rocket Writes a Story is one of them. Written and illustrated by award winner and New York Times best-selling author of How Rocket Learned to Read!. Tad Hills presents another story about the lovable dog Rocket. Just like a child who is struggling with new words and concepts, Rocket is attempting to learn the same things. It is not easy at first, but his teacher the little yellow bird is there with guidance and suggestions on how he can achieve his goal. He tells him to look for inspiration.  Rocket meets a shy Owl and they become friends. Rocket’s patience earns Owl’s trust and a story is written.  The illustrations are lovely and the expressions on the animals are priceless.

Oh No Little Dragon! by Jim Averbeck
Recommended Ages 2 to 7 years

This is a story  to share one on one with a toddler or an early reader.   I plan to use it in storytime because of the short simple words and the big bold pictures of the dragon doing funny things. It starts with a bright red cover of the dragon who looks worried which makes the reader want to find out what has happened.  Oh No Little Dragon is the tale of a busy blue dragon who enjoys using his flame, but gets dirty from his hijinks. He is sent reluctantly for a bath.  After swallowing some water he loses his flame.  He is afraid that his mom will not love him without it. He does all kinds of things to get it back like dressing warmly and eating hot peppers.  When he confesses to his mother that he lost his flame she tells him she loves him anyway.  He becomes warm inside and finds it again.  Unfortunately he needs another bath.  This time he has a  smart plan of how not lose it !


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