Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

Adult Review

Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

Zoe Hoffman is a happy with her life running an inn with her best friend and cousin Justine. When her beloved grandmother Emma becomes ill, Zoe decides to remodel her grandmother’s old cottage and take care of her. Alex Nolan a local builder who is extremely antisocial, but talented agrees to take on the project.  Zoe hides herself away from life at the inn making people happy with her culinary delights. She went though a difficult divorce and has been neglected by her father her whole life. Emma has been everything to her and she is determined to help her through her illness no matter the emotional cost. She hires Alex against Justine’s advice and is surprised by his help with her new home and Emma.

Alex the son of alcoholics is determined to be as unpleasant as possible while doing a quality job on the cottage. He has baggage from his unhappy past and wants nothing to do with Zoe’s sunny and undemanding friendship. When he meets her at his brother’s home he is immediately uncomfortable with her beauty and his intense attraction. He has other problems besides alcohol and a recent divorce that has ruined him financially. A ghost of a man has been following him around and neither know how or why they have been thrown together. The ghost does not even know his own name, but feels that the cottage and his brother’s home are keys to his past. Though Alex wants this only to be a way to make money, he and the ghost discover things they didn’t know they needed to learn.

This book by Lisa Kleypas is the third in the Friday Harbor series. Each one has a magical quality and can be enjoyed on their own or as part of the series. She gives detailed and interesting lives for her characters that masterfully draws the readers into their world.


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