ABC ZooBorns!

Children’s Review
Recommended Ages 2 to7 years

ABC ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastman

Children love animals in all shapes and sizes. Who can resist a baby animal?  This informational picture book by Bleiman and Eastman is a smart way to incorporate this affinity while learning the alphabet.  It presents pictures of baby animals from zoos and aquariums world-wide who have something to say about themselves.  It could be a fact, a rhyme or even an alliteration.  The animals get their own full color page in a natural habitat. The eye-catching pages are colorful pastels, while the letters of the alphabet are done in primary colors.  There are commonly known animals  like elephants and otters, but the reader also gets to see nyalas and a tapir.

After the story ends, the book gives information on each animal including their species, current home, and conservation status. The authors have a website at which provides facts on countless animals along with pictures and videos.  They are giving ten percent of their profits to wildlife conservation. 

They have their own award-winning app for $2.99 called ABC ZooBorns rated for ages four and up. It has high ratings from users.  This book, website and app would be fun to share with a kindergarten or first grade class learning about animals. One on one sharing for preschoolers is another way to enjoy the book.


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