My Mother was Nuts : A Memoir By Penny Marshall

Adult Review

My Mother was Nuts : A Memoir by Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall has had quite an interesting life. She holds nothing back in her autobiography. Basically in show business from birth because of her mother’s dance studio in the basement, Marshall sort of fell into her career because of her training and brother Garry. She is friends with it seems all of Hollywood, New York and the sports world. She kisses and tells about her love life, but manages to stay close or at least friendly to all of them.  Her memories about her time on Laverne and Shirley are detailed and interesting. She had no problem working hard on TV or the movies while enjoying the fruit of her success by traveling the world. A young mother to daughter Tracy it seems like she pretty much had it all because she did not let her love life stop her from achieving. Her fight with a brain tumor and cancer seemed like a minor speed bump to a woman full of life and ready to try anything. She had a love hate relationship with her mother, but was smart enough to let the love outshine the hate.

Penny was there for the early days of Saturday Night Live.  Her friendship with John Belushi was very close and she was devastated by his death. For those who are a fan of her movies she gives an inside view of how she made them. Penny talks about the actors Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Whoopi Goldberg and how it was to work with them and numerous others. She is very kind to all of them, even if they were difficult she seems to appreciate them for the art they created together. She tells about learning directing and how it was for a woman working in a male dominated profession.  It was a fast read. This is the story of her life mixed with the ins and out of show business.  Penny Marshall worked hard for what she achieved, but bragged about who she helped and the charities she supports. Her drug use was pretty extreme and it is surprising that she could remember all of these details.  Penny Marshall is very talented and lives to the fullest without regret or negativity which definitely is unique.


2 thoughts on “My Mother was Nuts : A Memoir By Penny Marshall

  1. Shelley, I finally read this memoir and it was laugh out loud funny! It was truly candid and a great read. I didn’t realize she directed some great films like “BIG” and a favorite of mine “A League Of Their Own”, which I think Tom Hanks, along with Rosie O, Madonna, and others were hysterical! Thanks for the recommendation. Jackie

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