Fire Safety Books

Fire Trucks in Action by Anne E. Hanson
Recommended Ages 3-6

October is Fire Safety month.  Here are some of our new books on this important subject.  Boys especially love informational books.  Ones that talk about rescues vehicles are extremely popular with them.  Fire Trucks in Action is informative and pleasing to the eye with bright orange pages and bold titles. The large pictures on each page complement the text. The cover of the book grabs the reader’s attention while the author explains the history of the fire department inside.  In addition, she presents the tools and vehicles that have helped fire fighters throughout the years.  Cool fire truck facts conclude the story.  A glossary is included along with suggested books and Internet sites for further information.

Staying Safe around Fire
by Lucia Raatma
Recommended Ages 4-8

This book is for a slightly older audience and gets the message out quite well.     Staying Safe around Fire starts with giving the definition of fire and how it is used.  There are large captions and vivid real life pictures on each page. They aid in explaining how to keep safe and prevent dangerous fires.  The important terms are presented with concise definitions.  The photos of children in the book are multicultural.  They are pictured with adults when they are around a camp fire and cooking at stove.  This book tells children how to use prevention tools, the importance of an escape route and how to stop, drop and roll.  Lastly the book provides a glossary of terms and a list of books and Internet sites to explore.  This would be a super book to share with a first or second grade class. It shows scenarios that they can relate to easily in their own lives while teaching them important facts.

Sparky the Fire Dog by Don Hoffman and Illustrated by Todd Dakins
Recommended Ages 3-6
Sparky is the spokesdog and trademark for the Nation Fire  Protection Association.  He is a Dalmatian who lives at the fire department. Sparky goes around the town with his junior inspectors looking for fire hazards. They give tips to the other animals on how to keep safe from fires and tools to use for prevention.  The facts are presented in a child friendly manner with colorful pictures of the animals in real life situations. The pictures are a bit dated, but children will still relate to the story.  It ends with ten safety tips that reinforce the scenes from the book.  Sparky has a website at where children can play games to learn more about fire safety!


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