Farm Storytime

Fall Storytimes have started at our library. I picked the farm theme since many children in our area are visiting farms and getting ready to carve pumpkins. Stories that are participatory and talk about animals are fun and popular for sharing.

Maisy’s Morning on the Farm by Lucy Cousins
Recommended  Ages 1-3

Maisy stories by Lucy Cousins are great for little readers. They are colorful, active and perfectly short and sweet for their attention span. In my storytime classes we read two regular books and we end with one that I project on the “big screen”.  This story I found at It is a terrific site full of free books and activities about Maisy. In this story Maisy works on the farm.  She feeds the chickens, milks the cow and shares breakfast with the little black kitten.  On each page we talked about the activities.  I asked them what color were Maisy’s boots and how many sheep are in the field?  Since it is on the screen everyone can see all the action and comment.  It is another way to share books with young minds in an interesting way.

My Farm Friends by Wendell Minor
Recommend Ages 3-5

My Farm Friends is a factual book about farm animals that entertains and informs.  It was super for my four and fives because it got us talking about the material presented on each page.  Set on a farm with big realistic colorful pictures, this book shows the animals and how they live. The pictures fill almost the whole page and remind me of a farm from the 1950’s.  Each animal has their own story to share.  Did you know that turkey’s purr like a cat or that cows drink a bathtub full of water a day to produce milk?  At the end of the book all of the animals invite the reader to visit.  In addition it has facts about the animals and websites to explore.  This is a perfect combination for a storytime book to me. It was fun and kept them engaged!

Widget and the Puppy Written by Lyn Rossiter McFarland and Illustrated by Jim McFarland
Recommend Ages 4-7

If you are thinking about getting a puppy, read this book.  It will remind you of all the fun and mischief a puppy brings. This is the story about a dog Widget and the six cats called the girls who live quietly and happily with Mrs. Diggs. One day they get a visitor from an enthusiastic puppy.  While Mrs. Diggs goes to look for the puppy’s owner, Widget is left in charge of him.  The puppy does all kinds of silly things such as: eat Widget’s food, eat the girl’s food, slobber on the floor and even drool on their beds.  When the girls try to escape, Widget follows them. He gets into more trouble which tires Widget and annoys the cats.  Widget falls asleep, but quickly awakens when he notices the puppy is stuck in a hole. Once he rescues the Puppy, they become great friends until the Puppy’s owner returns. This story was great for my four and fives. They loved the action. The facial expression on all the animals were sweet, but the ones on the cats were priceless.


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