The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lucy Jorik is the daughter of the former first woman president of the United States. She is getting married to the perfect man.  Lucy has always strived to do the right thing and make her parents proud since they adopted her. The world is watching. Things have not felt right for a while, but she is afraid to tell Ted her groom who is loving and so attractive. Her best friend Meg notices at the rehearsal dinner what everyone fails to see. Lucy is not happy and should tell everyone before it is too late. Lucy denies her feelings, but suddenly on the big day Lucy makes a run for it.  She finds a biker named Panda who agrees to help her leave and off they go to the unknown.

Panda is the direct opposite of Ted. He is crude, dark and dangerous.  Lucy knows she should be afraid, but instead is so relieved to be away from the microscope she has been under.  As they travel together Panda urges her to go back. He makes it clear he has better things to do with his time that don’t include her.  As time goes on they form an unlikely attraction. When they part Lucy learns that he was working for her parents all along to keep her safe.  She is angry that he knows all about her and he is such a mystery.  Instead of going home, she decides to find out more about Panda following the few clues she has learned about him during their short time together.  Panda aka Patrick is really a security expert with a complicated past.  Lucy decides to change her looks and identity. Next she breaks into Panda’s home and confronts him about his lies and the kiss they shared the last time they were together.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a master story teller.  Yes this is a love story, but it is about so much more.  It is about families,relationships, excepting your past and finding your future. You feel like you are meeting new friends and each character is created with preciseness and loving care.  A scene between two supporting characters is just as important as the main ones.  When the book was over I was sad because it was such a wonderful world to visit.


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