Free Fun and Easy Tech Tips

The reason I like my job is that I am always learning. I was lucky to go to some great conferences this year and I subscribe to new technology blogs. Here are some cool things that I have learned lately. 

Many of you use Facebook, I do too. The most important thing to protect yourself is to check your settings. The privacy settings are changing constantly. Make it a practice to look at yours once a month to fully and safely enjoy Facebook.

Now to some fun stuff, the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Nook are some of the most popular tech tools out there. Check out your local library’s website for free downloadable books and classes on how to use your new or not so new gadgets. For my Kindle users, here is a site I use daily,scroll to the right and they list their top 100 free books.

Apps are everywhere, but how do you find what you want? Quixey at is a search engine for Apps.
I searched for books and it gave me pages of Apps to choose from with descriptions, reviews, and costs. This is a free site and you don’t have to sign-up or give out your email. When choosing an App go for free as much as possible. Look at the reviews and if you really want one that costs money, they often have a free trial version which is almost as good to test out before buying. 

Finding the perfect image for a report or publicity document can be a long search at Google or Bing images. Many of them are copyrighted and legally should not be used. The site has a huge variety of images and again you do not have to sign in or create an account. There is a list of images from animals to vintage photography all free and legal!!!

Here are a few more sites I suggest you check out.
Google Art Project- Art from all over the world and interactive.

Code Academy – If you ever wanted to learn how to write computer code, here it is for free. (You do have to sign up)

iPad Insight – This is a blog to help you use your iPad.

Have fun and let me know what you think or feel free to ask a question in the comment section!


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