Two New Favorites

Children’s Review
Recommended Ages
1 to 6

One Special Day: A Story for Brothers and Sisters written by Lola M. Schaefer and Illustrated by Jessica Meserve

Spencer is a boy who likes to do all kinds of things just like many other little boys. His behavior could even be compared to animals. That is exactly what this book does. It invites the reader to participate in the action by having them guess the animals he is acting like on each page.

Spencer is always on the go with expressions of happiness and determination depending whether he is climbing a tree or running through the yard. The setting is lovely little house surrounded by green grass, a tree and swing. It is the perfect place for a boy to explore. The sky is blue and he is having a good day. His parents are leaving in the car as the story starts with a grandmotherly figure standing with Spencer. Something important is happening. We learn at the end that of all things Spencer has been and done, today he is someone new, a big brother.

We have a section on new babies at our library. This book will be a nice addition. It shows the child being who they are is exactly right. New experiences can come along adding to the wonder of their young lives.

Kite Day : A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand
Recommended Ages 2 to 6

On a beautiful day with blue skies and a bit of wind a sweet-faced Bear wonders. He takes a few sniffs and runs to find Mole, who of course is digging. They decide it is kite day! After gathering supplies, reading up on the subject and cooperation, they build the perfect yellow kite with a multicolored tail. They have a thrilling romp flying the kite. Soon dark clouds arrive blowing the kite out of the control as Bear and Mole try to save it. They are very sad to see their kite has broken and is stuck in a tree. As they hear the sound of baby birds the two are feeling much better. The kite is now shielding the bird family from the rain.

Hillenbrand is a favorite author for me. His drawings are simply awe-inspiring as each page warms the heart with scenes of a perfect day in the forest. Done in greens and blues with subtle details like the bunnies and butterfly flittering around the main characters. Bear is brightly dressed in red overalls with pink pockets and blue cuffs. While Mole is more conservative in blue overalls because he is the planner and Bear goes for the action. Even though things don’t go as planned the facial expressions show all is well with the two friends.


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