Let’s Hear It for the Dogs

Children’s Review

I haven’t blogged in a while for two reasons very busy at work with programming and at home we got a new family member.  A puppy named Morgan.  He is sweet and lovable, but needs lots of time and attention.   I thought I would share two dog books with you today.  An old favorite that I used with the fours and fives and a new one I am using in June for the twos and threes.

Fluffy and Baron by Laura Rankin
Recommended Ages 3 to 7

This story is based on a true story from the author’s childhood. Baron is a lovable German shepherd that lives on a farm.  One day Fluffy a baby duckling comes along and shakes up his life. They become fast friends sharing meal times, playing and napping together.

When spring comes Fluffy has become a grown duck and goes to the pond to meet with wild ducks.  Baron is lonely without his friend.  When the wild ducks leave, Baron finds Fluffy making a nest for her eggs.  Four weeks later the babies arrive and Baron now has a new family.

This book was popular with the children.  The realistic pictures of the animals and farm drew them in and kept them interested.  The ending picture of Baron and Fluffy with their new ducklings napping was a perfect ending.

Homer by Diane deGroat and Shelley Rotner
Recommended Ages 2 to 6

Homer lives with his boy Alex and they love baseball.  One night as Alex sleeps, Homer meets up with his dog friends.  He is on the baseball team the Doggers.  Their big game against the Hounds is happening tonight!  The game is described in detail as Homer’s team struggles to win the game. They win in the last inning with Homer hitting a home run.  When Alex wakes up he finds a baseball signed by the team!

Dogs, boys and baseball a winning combination are what makes this book a smile inducing read.  Shelley Rotner is a photo illustrator who captures each nuance of deGroat’s story flawlessly making it a joy to turn each page. They are filled with real dogs being part of the action with Homer as the star.  Children will literally have a ball looking at all the dogs and their antics.


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