I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Adult Review
I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Poppy Wyatt is a very happy girl.  She is engaged to the wonderful Magnus Tavish and planning a beautiful wedding.  When things seem perfect, that is when it all starts to fall apart.  This happens in an instant to Poppy when she loses her engagement ring, a Tavish family heirloom.  A fun day at a champagne tea with friends all admiring her ring, leads to them trying it on when a fire alarm goes off and the ring disappears. As Poppy tries to calm down with a breath of fresh air her cell phone is stolen.  She is even more panicked because how will the hotel contract her without a phone?  She sees a phone in the trash. It is surprisingly in good shape and ready to use.  She decides to use it and gives out  the number to the hotel and her friends.  This solution does not sit well with Sam Roxton. The phone she found belongs to his company.  It was given to his personal assistant and most of his business information texts, emails and calls go to that number. He wants the phone back right way. Poppy convinces him that she needs it until the ring is found.  Sam is not happy with the situation,though is willing to go along with the situation as long as she forwards him everything. Poppy can’t resist reading some of the emails and texts which makes things complicated, but oh so interesting.

Poppy is a likable professional who meets Tavish at work when he hurts his wrist and she is his physical therapist. They have a whirl wind romance and quick engagement.  Poppy is intimidated by Tavish and his family.  He treats her like an object, but she feels so lucky to have him. As time goes on she sees her relationship has some problems, but ignores them by concentrating on what is going on with Sam.  Sam is high powered executive who avoids personal interactions with his business associates as much as possible. After meeting Poppy there is an immediate attraction, but they both seem to be engaged.  When Poppy starts poking around in his life he is furious, exasperated,then ultimately charmed. This scenario is a laugh out story of two people meeting under strange circumstances. They find friendship and maybe even a little romance along the way. It was a light enjoyable read that I highly recommend.  It is the perfect get away book on a warm winter night or a day at the beach. It made me want to reread her other books.


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