February Story Time Books

Children’s Review
Recommended Ages 4 to 8
Love, Splat by Rob Scotton

Splat the cat is a black furry goofy cat in a family of white cats. He knows he is different. Today he is even more stressed because it is Valentine’s Day. He really likes Kitten who is fluffy white with green eyes. He has made her a Valentine, but he is unsure how and if he should give it to her. Every time he sees her, he gets a funny feeling in his stomach. She acts silly by tying his tail and telling him he is smelly. Is there any hope for these two?

Yes, of course there is and as I read this to my storytime class of four and five year olds, they were quite interested in seeing how it would all work out. I know a story is well written when the kids are making comments about the story and eager to see the next page. That is how it went today.

The illustrations are done basically in black and white that emphasizes Splat and Kitten’s differences with some red and pink for the Valentine motifs. Furthermore the cats have silly expressions that are endearingly sweet. Can you remember when a boy or girl you liked shoved you or made a face? We find out that Kitten likes Splat’s Valentine and even picks it out of the garbage after he thinks his chance with her is lost. Kitten has a Valentine for him that tells him she likes him too! It is a silly fun story to share with someone you love.

Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner
Recommended Ages 2 to 6

Solomon Crocodile is a book I had to open as soon as I saw it. The cover shows a smiling crocodile with a glittery face and body of greens and a spattering of reds and browns. He looks like he is ready for some fun. He definitely is trying, but the other animals around him don’t think his high jinks are fun at all. When he tries to scare them or surprise them, they tell him to go away. He is pretty disappointed and sad, when he hears someone else causing a ruckus. After looking for someone to understand and like him, he finds another crocodile doing the same things he likes. He has found a kindred spirit. It looks like his day is getting better! He finds a blue sparkled smiling crocodile that is ready for some harmless double trouble.

Children love books about animals. They like to see how they live and what they do. This book’s jungle theme and water colored sparkled art grabs the imagination on every page. It is a short fun story that will fly off the shelves and into little hands!


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