Bride by Mistake by Annie Gracie

Adult Review
Bride by Mistake by Annie Gracie

Bride by Mistake is an exciting Regency romance by author Annie Gracie that takes the reader on an intense adventure through Spain. Lord Luke Ripton is a war veteran with a torturous past. He has returned from the war looking to get back to his life in England. An unexpected letter arrives regarding a hasty marriage he thought was annulled. It informs him he must return to Spain to collect his bride. Spain is the last place on earth he wants to be, but he made a commitment to his bride on their unusual wedding day. He is honor bound to his wife, even if they have been apart for years.

Isabella Ripton was only thirteen years old, when Luke Ripton saved her from rape and a horrible marriage to her evil cousin eight years ago. Since then she has lived in a convent and dreamed of starting a life with him. When he arrives, he is less than enthusiastic about their reunion. As he gets to know her, sparks start to fly. Luke feels he may have a good life after all.

Isabella agrees to return to England with him to be a good wife. Before she can do this, she must stay in Spain a little longer to fix a long broken promise. Luke for forbids her to stay. She leaves with his horse in the middle of the night. When he catches up to her, he finds she is not a timid convent girl, but force of nature with her own secret past.


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