Change is Okay with Kacie Shay by Jolie Carpenter

Children’s Review
Change is Okay with Kacie Shay  by Jolie Carpenter
Ages 3 to 7

Change is Okay with Kacie Shay by Jolie Carpenter is a book about a family going through a divorce. Told in rhyming verses, this book gives the history of her family life. Kacie is told the story of her parent’s romance in fairytale fashion. They are both very attractive and utterly happy. Next of course is the wonderful arrival of Kacie. Things seem to be perfect. When the parents tell her that they have tried everything, but have decided to divorce, it comes from out of the blue. Kacie is at first upset and confused. Her parents assure her that there is no one to blame. Dad will live in a new house so she will have two homes. She gets over her sad feelings pretty quickly. She has a happy life with both parents together and apart.


The author misses the mark on several areas by starting this as a happy fairytale with a promise of a problem free future. This book is trying to look at a hard subject for children in a lighthearted way. It seems the purpose is to reassure the reader about their fears. It makes an unrealistic promise of happiness for all sides by saying things will go smoothly with no sadness. I think children and parents who read this will be disappointed in this saccharine tale. Divorce is a hard thing for all involved. It is an upheaval of the fabric of the family and has lasting consequences. Glossing this over with two cakes on your birthday and a carefree attitude may do more harm than good.


One thought on “Change is Okay with Kacie Shay by Jolie Carpenter

  1. The story is not meant to gloss over the harsh realities of divorce. Its meant to be used as a tool in projecting an age appropriate optimistic outlook when discussing this subject with very young children. It might help one child fears, ya never know? No child could ever fathom the realities of divorce, thankfully.

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