Her Secondhand Groom by Rose Gordon

Adult Review

Her Secondhand Groom by Rose Gordon

Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely decides that he needs a mother for his three little girls. He decides to honor a local woman from his village because he paid for her education. He mistakenly thinks that beautiful Henrietta Hughes is the one, but in fact it is Juliet her bookish sister. When he asks for her hand from her parents they immediately agree because he will release them from their debt to him. They do try to make sure he has the right woman, but he thinks he knows who the correct bride will be. On the day of his wedding he finds out that Juliet is the bride.  She was the one that took care of his children while he talked to Henrietta. He thinks he has been deliberately  fooled until he asks his children to confirm her name.

Patrick is not used to being wrong but decides to make the best of the situation since his daughters flourish under Juliet’s care. When he decides to truly make her his bride, things between them start to fall into place. He helps her get better glasses and introduces her to his friends.  Juliet who never suffers fools realizes that Patrick just might be the love of her life. A misunderstanding by Patrick tears them apart. Will he realize that she is the one to make his life and family complete?


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