Fires Beneath the Sea by Lydia Millet

The Fires Beneath the Sea by Lydia Millet
Recommended for ages 10 to 14

Rick Riordan’s books have made the mythology/fantasy genre very popular. I have noticed children and parents looking for those types of books on a regular basis.  When I read the review for The Fires Beneath the Sea, I was hoping for new series to suggest to those readers.  After reading it myself, I think I found it. This is book one of a planned trilogy.

The Fires Beneath the Sea main characters are teens Max, Cara and ten-year-old brother Jax Sykes who live on Cape Cod.  Life is pretty good for the family until their mother disappears without a trace. They try to act normal, but things are not right without her.  The unanswered questions are haunting them all.
At the beach one day, an otter gives Cara message telepathically.  Cara is worried that she is hallucinating. The message seems strangely like something her mother would say. Next a watery specter tries to invade their home. The three children decide to find their mother and uncover why she left before things get worse. They realize that she is not a just a marine biologist.  She has other worldly ties to the sea. Messages from her through sea creatures, lead them on a trail of mystery and danger.
This book had me looking forward to what happened next.  The children each had their own interesting realistic personality and used gadjets like ipods, flash drives and cell phones like most teens today.  The story took me along for the ride as they tried to solve the mystery. The setting of Cape Cod was described in detail and showed a knowledge and love for the area.  At times, it got a bit bogged down by scientific terms, but not enough to take away from the compelling nature of the story.


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