Chapter Books for Young Readers

My Weird School by Dan Gutman

Dan Gutman is an award-winning writer who know what kids like!  Many of his books are about sports, but for the 1st through 4th graders My Weird School is fantastic.  It is a funny, easy to read series with a few pictures in each chapter.  The adults are the weird ones and the kids make sense, brilliant right! They are filled with silly situations where in the end it all makes sense. The kids always come out feeling good about themselves.  The two main characters are A.J. who doesn’t like school and Andrea who seems to be his rival, but sometimes is a friend.  The kids in the school are from different races and cultures making this relatable on many levels. Once a child finds a series they like it keeps them reading. Dan Gutman is an author they can read for years because he writes for different ages of kids and now he has an adult book too.  For more information on Dan Gutman and My Weird School, go to his website at 

A to Z Mysteries and Capital Mysteries

by Ron Roy

Ron Roy is a Connecticut author who has caught early readers by storm.  A few years ago we did a third grade tour of our library.  There were kids from several different schools. Every class wanted to know where the A to Z Mysteries were kept. The stories are kid friendly mysteries with some illustrations added every few pages.  You don’t have to read the one before to enjoy or understand the next one.

 The Capital Mysteries came next and are almost as popular.  These books are interesting because they are set in our nation’s capital. They give information about history and different landmarks without being too wordy or preachy.  In both books kids solve the mysteries while adults catch on later only with their help.

The One and Only Stuey Lewis

by Jane Schoenberg

When everyone around him is excited about the new school year, Stuey tries to get out of going.  He is worried because he does not know how to read.  His best friend Will knows and of course his annoying older brother Anthony knows, what if he never will?  Stuey understands what it is like to be not perfect at everything.  He meets a wonderful teacher who lets him know that she will be there to help.  They talk about the five-finger method on how to pick a book.

This book is made up of four short stories that can be read alone, but interconnect. They talk about things kids think about like: siblings, sports, friendship and the importance of Halloween.  I think Stuey Lewis is a wonderful addition to the chapter books offered for young readers.


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