Fall Storytime has Begun!!!

Monday was the start of Fall Storytime and I don’t know who was more excited the children or me.  It was wonderful to see some familiar faces and how they grew.  Of course many new children joined this session. I look forward to getting to know them.

I have two classes.  Three year olds with siblings and caregivers and my second class is made up of fours and fives without caregivers.  What difference a year makes.  The threes were a little slow to warm up and some stayed close to their caregivers.  The fours and fives were ready to roll as soon as they heard the Hokey Pokey.  Both classes really had fun with the music and the movement in between listening to the books. 

We tried some new songs and added some parachute fun for the older class.  I read a book from the  www.wegivebooks.org site to each class at the end. It was the perfect combination of print and online.  They loved both formats and seeing a book on the big screen was exciting to them. Our theme was games and playing. Here are two books they really liked.

Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Sattler

This is a story of two pig brothers who are collecting treasures on the beach. Warm blues, browns and greens accent a perfect day spent near the sea a and surf.  The older pig is dressed aptly in a flowery Hawaiian shirt and the little pig is adorable his diaper.  They are worried about going in the water as a surfboard washes up on shore.  They name him Dave and have fun with it on the beach.  Once they try out the surf board in the ocean, they find more treasures leading to a love for surfing and the ocean. This book was a hit with the fours and fives today. They were captivated by the situations and commented on the silly things the pigs did together.  All enjoyed the ending when the pigs surfed.

Mattoo Let’s Play by Irene Luxbacher

Ruby is a rough and tumble girl who wants her cat Mattoo to play with her. Ruby is too friendly and loud making Mattoo shy away. When Ruby’s friend Clemente comes along,  they pretend to be in a jungle. Clemente shows her how to watch and listen when all kinds of animals appear in their imaginations.   Mattoo joins in the fun once she sees it is safe and there are tuna treats. This helps start a lovely bond between cat and little girl.

Done in blacks and greys except for the kids, toys and blankie, these illustrations compliment the mood of the story nicely. This story was well received and the children understood that the little girl was acting comical, like trying to give the cat ice cream and being too loud. They liked the part where the kids were pretending to be in the jungle and Mattoo came out once they quietly waited.  


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