Cool Book Website and Some Lovely Picture Books

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As a children’s librarian planning and presenting storytime programming is one  the best things about my job. I am always looking for wonderful books to recommend to patrons and to share during storytime. The website is a new way to share stories from some top authors such as: Anna Dewdney, Rosemary Wells, Don Freedman, Greg Foley and Eric Hill. It allows you to read these wonderful authors online for free while helping an organization of your choice that helps with reading, by just using the site. I am planning to read one  story from this site during my next storytime on the big screen. I can’t wait to see what the kids think! Try it and let me know what you think?

Fall Mixed Up
by Bob Raczka and Illustrated by Chad Cameron

Recommended ages 3-6

 Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka has engaging rhymes with kid friendly pictures that pop off the page. Fall activities are presented with humorous twists in pictures and words. The people in the book have happy smiling faces of different races so all will want to partake in the fun. Kids will be quick to point out the mistakes as they laugh at the mixed-up situations. This silly book about fall is perfect for sharing one on one or in a large group.


Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night

by Karen Saunders

Illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic

Recommended ages 2-6

A young badger and his dad are the main characters of this charming story about nighttime fears. It is illustrated in light blacks and grays along with soothing blues, pinks, purples and peachy pastels that compliment the of the  arrival of night. Baby badger is afraid of nightfall. His dad is there to calm his fears by sharing and explaining the sights, sounds and colors of the evening. As they spend time together looking at the sky and the world around them, baby badger starts to appreciate the night’s offerings and relaxes. By the end of the story, baby badger falls peacefully asleep in his dad’s arms. A story to share for bedtime that portrays in a simple way, that nighttime is not a time to fear. It is but another part of the passage of time for each of us young and old to experience.


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