Children’s Review : A Ghost Story

Peg KehretThe Ghost’s Grave
Recommended for Grades 4 – 8

 Twelve year old Josh is understandably upset that his mom and step-father have ruined his plans for the summer by going to work in India. Josh made the summer baseball team at home in Minnesota, but he can’t play because he must stay with Aunt Ethel in Carbon City, Seattle. If being away from home is not bad enough, this is the first time he is meeting Aunt Ethel who does not own a T.V. or computer. She lives in a broken down old house away from town. On the bright side she makes wonderful cakes and has a cool tree house.

Meeting a ghost from 1905 is only one of the strange things that happen during his visit. From the first chapter, Kehret pulls the reader in with Aunt Ethel’s old-fashioned oddball ways such as thinking a visiting peacock is her sister Aunt Florence and meals of spaghetti for breakfast. How will Josh survive the summer without anything familiar around him except for his books and music?  Josh’s first letter to his Mom is laugh out loud funny. This is an enjoyable read with many surprising twists and turns. Children will relate to Josh’s witty comments and want to find out if he can help his ghost friend.   It is just right for someone who likes ghosts and mysteries but does not want to be too scared.  


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